Sunday · Statement

During our last summer in New York, my wife was pregnant with our first child and I hadn't yet begun my teaching job in New Hampshire, where we would move in the fall. As we waited for our baby and new life further north, we trekked around the five boroughs, going places we'd never been, and revisiting old favorites. It was hot and we moved slowly. I brought my camera most places. Everyday felt like Sunday.

After a while I realized the people I was photographing felt similar to the slow flux that my wife and I were experiencing. They're hot, tired, and not going anywhere in particular. The places I ended up photographing often seem to be looking out and away from the city. I'd lived in New York for thirteen years and had always photographed there, but had never truly thought of it as a subject before that summer. These photos remind me of my life there, as well as the quiet anticipation of things to come.