World’s Fair, Sunday Morning · Statement

In 2017 I went to the last Sunday morning of that year's Tunbridge World's Fair. I liked how the sun rising behind me through the fog made the fair's silvers and greys shine, and how a ride named Orbiter stood out against the Vermont landscape.

I went back in 2018, and found many of the rides in the same locations. Without intending to, I composed a second photo of Orbiter almost identical to the first.

In 2019 I returned with intention, imagining how photographs of Orbiter, similarly composed and taken a year apart, could anchor a series.

The pandemic canceled the 2020 fair, but I still went to the fairgrounds on what would have been the last Sunday morning. Without Orbiter to focus on, my composition is slightly off from the previous images. But that seems right. At the end of 2020 there's a lot that's empty and off.